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Book Club & Reader Questions

Crime and Parchment Discussion Questions

  • Discuss the complex relationship between Juniper Blume and her sister Azalea. How does their journey toward reconciliation and understanding evolve throughout the story?

  • Juniper's curiosity leads her into unexpected and dangerous situations. Would you make the same decisions as Juniper? Why or why not? 

  • How does the town of Rose Mallow and its history contribute to the atmosphere of the story? Are there any local historical details or artifacts that stood out to you? Were there any elements of small-town life that you found particularly charming or relatable?

  • Juniper's profession as a rare books librarian is central to the story. How does her expertise in books and manuscripts influence her approach to solving the mystery?

  • Both Juniper and Leo Calverton are influenced by their family’s histories and legacies. How do those legacies impact the decisions they make? 

  • While Juniper isn’t particularly religious, being Jewish is important to her. How does the culture and traditions of being Jewish factor into the story and shape Juniper as a person? 

  • How does Juniper change and evolve as the story progresses? Do you think she makes the right decisions - not just in investigating the mystery but also in her personal and professional life? 

  • Based on the end of the story, what do you think the future holds for Juniper in Rose Mallow?

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